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Ohio Business Energy Buyers

Ohio Business Energy Buyers

Natural gas, electric and the rest of their energy family, are together the most volatile commodities on the NYMEX Futures market for Ohio business energy buyers. RD Energy in Ohio understands that energy prices move up and down, with the laws of supply and demand. They are experts at keeping track and understanding how to minimize costs and maximize profits for businesses in regards to these utilities.

Many Ohio business energy buyers in manufacturing, hospitals, schools, communities and institutions don't have time to focus on just the energy market. They often wear many hats and are constantly handling the stresses around their job that are most pressing for their time and attention.  However, the fact is energy costs are a substantial portion in most businesses budgets.

Ohio business energy buyers are expected to reduce energy costs, but seldom have the tools to make it happen. Business buyers in this position struggle to tell their bosses their shortcomings and stress in building a complete energy strategy in fear for their job. Plus, they often fear the idea of having someone with lots of energy experience be a part of the strategy building process out of worrying about how they look to senior management by needing guidance. They often fear that their performance review will suffer for it. Buyers have a hard time seeing the obvious fact that having an energy partner can actually make them look good and improve their value, as well as improve their performance.

Remember this fact:  rarely if ever does a business need to hire an energy consultant and add that layer of cost. Look for an energy professional that has many years of experience in the energy markets. An energy professional should also be trained and certified in the buying process, have all the tools to advise and guide the buyer in implementing and building an overall strategy that will reduce energy costs and pave the way for a long-term and strong energy plan.

Ohio energy buying isn’t easy or at least it shouldn’t be.  This is probably the exact opposite of what you expected to hear.  Ohio business energy buyers are bombarded with telemarketing calls for both natural gas and electric.

Are these telemarketers energy experts? Rarely! They are, however, pros at selling and getting customers to buy their version of snake oil. It is shocking the numbers of buyers who listen and fail to ask even the most simplest of questions of the phone solicitor before signing onto the over the phone offer. Plus, the buyer often forgets one of the primary rules of buying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Especially over the phone!

The first rule a buyer needs to follow when talking with a phone solicitor is to: Ask for their energy experience and expertise, their length time in the industry and where are they physically located. To earn your business, the potential energy partner needs to have excellent energy experience. The energy knowledge they have can be put to work to help build a long-term and strong energy strategy. Dealing with a local Ohio energy partner is also key. Without experience, expertise and having the ability to meet one-on-one how can a well-structured and well thought out energy strategy be assembled and implement?

For Ohio energy buyers to make smart decisions on when to purchase natural gas or electric, there are many important things to know. The first is to watch and track the market weekly, or work with someone who does. The energy markets are complex. A buyer can’t expect to juggle so many responsibilities and then throw a dart at the price board and say, “I’m buying energy today”.  Instead the Ohio energy buyer, who has to multi-task many jobs and buy electric and natural gas at the same time needs to work with a trusted energy partner who can be the source of key information for which to make an educated and smart energy decision. These decision are based on market trends and the natural gas and electric data available. This enables the Ohio energy buyer to make better decisions for short or long-term contracts, which can be  fixed, variable or both, all inclusive, or  parts billed separately. Knowledge is power, so the Ohio energy buyer should keep a good inventory of knowledge supply on hand.

The Ohio energy buyer, whether they are considered a sophisticated buyer or not, needs to surround themselves with the information needed to make smart electric and natural gas buying decisions. Cost cutting is not totally dependent on the price itself.  What else is there to learn and do, that could benefit the company and lower the energy costs even more?

The first tool that an Ohio energy buyer should have is a Load Analysis report.  Many Ohio energy buyers  have probably looked at putting in new and efficient lighting, but very few actually have looked closely at how and when they are using their electricity. Many have never done a Load Analysis and have no idea why their energy efficient changes just aren’t doing the trick. One thing we all know, is that energy costs and how to cut them is trending. Turning off lights, turning up the thermostat in the summer, turning it down in the winter, and installing energy efficient light bulbs, are often the primary way people look to save energy costs. But, so much more can be done.   

A Load Analysis helps energy buyers save money. A fundamental part of energy management, and the first step making an energy plan is to learn how you are using it.  This analysis will show us how, when, and how much electricity you are using. By collecting this data, it helps determine where energy costs cuts can be made, programs that will work best for your business, and helps make an overall energy plan best suited for your business needs.

Another tool that Ohio energy buyers need to utilize is the Demand Response Program. This program can lower cost of electricity by engaging customers in using less electricity during peak hours. Participating in this program and meeting the requirements offers financial incentives.

Ohio energy buyers have many tools available to explore in their quest to reduce their energy spend. Buying the natural gas and electric supply can be done much more strategic in coordination with an energy partner or advisor such as RD Energy of Ohio, that has many years in the industry and has proven expertise in the procurement of supply and the many pricing options.

The buyer can supplement the buying strategy with all the other tools available; Load Analysis, Peak Load Management and Demand Response to structure a total supply and usage plan that is totally focused on lowering the energy spend whether the price for energy is trending up or down.  Suddenly even the Ohio energy buyer wearing many job hats can look like and be the sophisticated buyer senior management is looking for and expecting.

The energy partner who has teamed with the buyer hasn’t held the buyer back or replaced them, but instead, has propelled them to a much more respected, appreciated and honored buyer position in the eyes of the company bosses. This can and does happen.Ohio energy buyers can lower their stress and increase their confidence knowing that they have implemented a total energy strategy and taken energy costs to a new low while taking their confidence and respect to a new high.     

Feel Free to Contact RD Energy for more information and details regarding saving on your utility bills.

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