Homeowners in Ohio are learning the easy way to shop for electric at w...

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Homeowners in Ohio are learning the easy way to shop for electric at www.rdenergypricechoice.com

Shopping at RD Energy's http://www.rdenergypricechoice.com is easy: SHOP, COMPARE AND SELECT.  That's it.SHOP: Everyone shops online for hotels, airfare, significant others and let's face it, everything for Christmas.  Now, shop online for a lower electric supply price.  Take a look at your current electric bill and find your current electric supplier price.  It is shown right on the bill.  Don't have an electric supplier already?  Then look on your bill and find the utility supply price called Price to Compare.  Log on to RD Energy's http://www.rdenergypricecchoice.com and enter that current supplier price or utility Price to Compare in the "Enter what you pay now" section on the top right.  Check out the prices offered for your account and the savings you would have by switching suppliers.COMPARE: People in Ohio are now ready to compare supplier offers on RD Energy's http://www.rdenergypricechoice.com. ; What kind of discount will you see?  A lot of consumers are paying much more than current electric supply offers found at http://www.rdenergypricechoice.com. How much can you save?  Compare electric supplier offers and see the savings.SELECT:   You've shopped and compared electric supplier pricing and now it's time to select the best price for the best term.  Since energy prices are so attractive and the chances are much better that both wholesale electric prices and utility supply prices will rise in upcoming years, most shoppers are choosing multiple year prices.  This way they know they've fixed a rate for longer than a year and don't have to worry about shopping again for a while or rising prices.  Now that is price stability.Once you've made your supplier, price and term selection just finish the easy online sign up process and you will be done and ready to start shopping again for all the rest of your online wishlist.  At RD Energy's http://www.rdenergypricechoice.com SHOP, COMPARE AND SELECT the lowest cost electric supplier to maximize your savings.  Instead of spending money online you will actually be saving

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