Engineering Economics Inc (EEI) is a facility consulting firm which specializes in building commissioning, LEED commissioning, retro-commissioning,facility assessment, electrical specialty services, and on-going commissioning. We are highly trained and experienced professionals serving Central Ohio commercial building owners. Our goal is to assist building owners and operators to reduce energy and maintenance costs, while improving occupant comfort and extend life of the mechanical equipment.

EEI has provided energy-related services to hundreds of clients for nearly three decades. We are dedicated to helping our clients find energy-saving solutions and implement energy conservation measures, and we bring this commitment to all our projects. 

Most of EEI's energy services begin with an energy audit. Our team's extensive building commissioning experience makes us ideally suited to “testing” the functional performance of the building as part of this audit when necessary.

A formalized facility assessment is possibly the most productive and informative process available for tackling facility infrastructure issues. It addresses system operations, configurations, conditions, and operating efficiencies, with consideration given to maximizing performance, extending the system's lifecycle and minimizing operating expenses. Engineering Economics, Inc. (EEI) has more than 25 years of experience facility assessment activities for a broad spectrum of client and facility types. We have provided facility assessments for medical centers & hospital campuses, laboratory & research facilities, correctional institutions, data centers, office buildings, housing complexes, military bases and college & university campuses. Our healthcare division, EEI Healthcare, is a specialty group that focuses on medical & research facilities and is particularly skilled in the specialized systems found in these environments.

The firm's assessments frequently precede major additions, renovations and replacements, or may simply provide owners with information to solve specific operating issues or reduce energy consumption.  Each assessment is customized and may include any or all of the following:

  • Troubleshooting/performance problem resolution
  • Energy audits & energy conservation measures
  • Facility engineering improvements
  • Pre-design/pre-construction planning
  • Integrated system performance
  • System trending & seasonal performance evaluations

To discuss how EEI can help you with your facility needs, please contact Mike Ball at 614-257-9246 or email:


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